From the eighties of the last century on my interest was always in the impact of information technology on the broad field of work. This started around 1984 (sic) with the reading of an article on the influence of information technology on work. In line with that topic I arranged my study (Psychology, Utrecht University) and completed my master thesis at the city of Rotterdam (research commissioned by the municipal works council on their ‘Automation Policy’). In that same scope, I started working at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs at the Labour Inspectorate in 1986 as a policy officer ‘Technology and Quality of Work’. From the moment I started working at Avans University of Applied Sciences in 2012, I returned to my favourite theme, the impact of digital technology on working life.

The focus of my PhD research is the relationship between digital technology and administrative work. I am researching this in Dutch municipalities in the work process ‘Information management and Archive’.
From late September 2018 to early February 2019, I conducted more than thirty exploratory interviews: I talked to managers, HR professionals, Information/IT professionals, IT suppliers and policy makers about the process to choose a new digital system, about the motives behind it, the parties involved and the estimated impact on work. I have recently completed the report of these interviews.

As of the autumn of 2019 I started with in-depth research. The municipality of Breda is the first organization of my case study research. Partly due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, I stopped this research question and formulated my second research question in March 2020: What does the rapid implementation of an IT system (working online) as a result of special events in the environment (e.g. Corona pandemic) mean for the organization (employment, impact on employees) and to what extent does the organization support this process? I am researching this question through a survey of the business operations departments of municipalities.


My research has been published in the book entitled ‘Electronic HRM in the Smart Era‘ and presented at various (international) conferences.


This is a project for Avans University of Applied Sciences. My supervisors are Professor Dr. Ton Wilthagen (promotor), and Dr. Charissa Freese (co-promotor) both of Tilburg University, and Dr. Tonnie van der Zouwen (co-promotor), Professor Sustainable Working & Organising at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

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Teaching & student involvement

As a lecturer and researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences may aim is to link my research with students and  the professional field. This is our present way of working in our team of HRM lecturers and my research project offers a great opportunity for students to participate.

In 2018 this group of enthusiastic students helped me now and then: Angelique Jans, Esther van der Weele, Femke Bierbooms, Iris Lommerse, Julius Steinmeijer, Marloes Hubregtse, Matts de Rijcke, Robbin van Ardenne, Stan van Bokhoven and Stijn Ruwaard. Not on this picture: Rinne van Krieken and Frederique van den Bosch. Some of them are alumni of our educational programme by now.


And in 2019, Sanne Nijhuis, Kaley van den Broeke and Esmée van Etten helped me analyse my 31 exploratory interviews. They took a critical look and did shadow coding. I learned from them about my ‘blind spots’ and in other choices they confirmed mine. Very valuable. On the picture form left to right: Sanne Nijhuis, Kaley van den Broeke and Esmée van Etten.


From February 2020, five graduates will participate in my research. Within the theme Digital Technology and Administrative Employment, they tackle their own issues independently.

They are two students of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Jasmijn Koning and Omaima Abd El Fattah. Famke Martens, Saloua Aznag and Samira El Marajie participate from the Breda HRM course at Avans University of Applied Sciences.
I expect that I myself will be inspired by this collaboration, that we will acquire knowledge together and that this new knowledge will be put into practice.
On the picture from left to right: Jasmijn Koning, Ineke van Kruining, Famke Martens, Samira El Marajie and Saloua Aznag.


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