About me

My name is Ineke van Kruining and I am a lecturer and researcher at 

Avans University of Applied Sciences

in the Netherlands.


My mission is to contribute (through education and research) to the quality of work as impacted by digital technology, as work is a beautiful way to develop oneself and to be of value to the world. I enjoy doing socially relevant projects with my students, colleagues and professionals in organisations.


My main professional interests are digital technology and effects for administrative jobs, inclusive digitisation or robotisation, human resource management (HRM), social innovation, learning and development, careers and employability. I was educated at Utrecht University (MSc, 1986) and started working at Avans UAS in 2012. My ideas and research activities in the Avans Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Business led to this PhD project in the beginning of 2017.


This website contains information about my PhD project on the work impact of digital technology, my personal PhD process (joy, struggle), projects with students and/or colleagues, publications, and other information. I strongly encourage you to share your opinions and advice with me on this website, on social media or directly by email message (see buttons on the left-hand side). Click here for my resume.

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Ineke van Kruining
@Inuk62Oct 18
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Ineke van Kruining
@Inuk62Oct 18
Ineke van Kruining
@Inuk62Oct 16
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